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Legato Legal Services Charges

• Charge for Client Statement - £365 +vat, charge for a Witness Statement - £245 +vat; payment expected within 7 days of invoice issued at end of month, following month of completion.

• More complex ‘Multi Track’ instructions/statements will be dealt with in a similar way but due to the time taken with the client and/or witnesses and the complexities of the claim, charges may differ but will be confirmed at point of instruction.

• Attendance note supplied for each instruction to recover costs as you see fit (many firms recover our cost at the appropriate fee earners rate - with mileage and a success fee).


We will contact the clients within 24 hours of receiving the instruction and arrange to visit the client, generally at their home within 7 days (although always to the convenience of the client, unless time pressures ensue). A statement copy is emailed or sent to the client for review and a soft copy of the statement is emailed to the fee earner before sending or delivering a hard copy to the client for signature, if required. All hard copy documents will be sent by Special Delivery to ensure safe and recorded delivery.

It would be very helpful to have as detailed instructions as possible, but I can assure you that, if there are omissions from statements, we will make any relevant alterations as soon as possible. Regular communication and updates will take place between Legato, you and the client. If there are issues raised either by us or by the clients we will contact you or the fee earner immediately to discuss the way forward.

Legato Legal Services, Registered Address - 62 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0DF • Email: office@legatolegalservices.co.uk www.legatolegalservices.co.uk

Registered in England & Wales No: 06242820 • VAT No: 263 4317 14